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Troller asks for Chinmayee’s nude pics and she shocks him

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Troller asks for Chinmayee’s nude pics and she shocks him

Chinmayee, facebook, instagram, metoo, singer, dubbing, artist, nude, pics, raatnam, social media, social platform, me too moment, me too movement, dubbing artist, nude company, nude company products, nude company eye brow pencil, nude company lipstick, casting couch, latest celebrity updatesEveryone remembers the controversy of #Metoo movement and various actresses who came into the light and revealed the dark secrest of the casting couch. Singer, dubbing artist Chinmayee too made some allegations on the Tamil lyricist Vairamuthu. She once again came into headlines because of such an issue. Usually celebrities will get a lot of unwanted and unnecessary following on social platforms such as facebook and instagram. Chinmayee usually gives punches to anyone who misbehaves with her on the social media and recently she gave a good lesson to a troller who tried something irrelevant with her. Some troller in the social media asked Chinmayee to send her nude pictures and she sent them to him. But the twist is that she sent the pics of products of the ‘nude’ company. She posted the pics of lipstick, eye brow pencils of the nude company saying that these are my favorite nudes. Many who witnessed this on the social media appreciated Chinmayee that she behaved tactfully with her wits. And the comments section said there was nothing that troller can do.


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