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Tanushree Dutta hysterical comments

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Tanushree Dutta hysterical comments

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There are many actresses who opened their mouth on the Me Too Movement last year. But the main issue is started by the allegations of Tanushree Dutta on Nana Patekar. She said that she has been a victim of sexual abuse by Nana Patekar in 2008. And after her statement, many actresses came to spotlight to share their bitter experiences with the casting couch and other misbehavior in the film industry. Many cases have been registered and inquiries are being made into them. In the past, news is out that Nana has got clean chit in the case of Tanushree. Tanushree angered upon the media saying that the case is still going on and Nana’s PR team is releasing these fake news. And recently the court gave Nana Patekar a clean chit officially and as of now he is not guilty of the charges against him. Tanushree once again responded to the issue in an angry manner. She said that the police and the courts need evidence to prove the allegations. But both these systems are so corrupted that they left a guilty person free. She made almost hysterical comments on the government system and particularly about the cops and the courts. Even case might be registered on her for those comments.


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