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Samantha’s achievement

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Samantha’s achievement

Oh Baby, Oh Baby first look, Oh Baby teaser, Oh Baby trailer, Oh Baby telugu movie, Oh Baby samantha movie, samantha, samantha movies, nandini reddy, Naga Shaurya, BV Nandini Reddy, d suresh babu, Mickey J Meyer, Mickey J Meyer music, Richard Prasad, Oh Baby Theatrical Trailer, oh baby latest trailer, oh baby official trailer , oh baby response, oh baby collections, oh baby in bollywood, shraddha kapoor in oh baby, alia bhatt in oh baby, kangana ranaut in oh babyExperimental movies will not be made on a high budget scale because of the obvious reason that the concept is experimental and the reach of that concept cannot be calculated prior to the release. The movie Oh Baby which is a remake of the Korean movie, Miss Granny too started like that. The movie is directed by Nandini Reddy starring Samantha Akkineni in the lead role. The thought of making the movie is Samantha’s in the first place. The movie is successful in such a way that it even made Bollywood. Usually Bollywood is known for its patriarchal touch which comes as a point of criticism many times. The female oriented movies will be either done by a huge star cast that can guarantee a definitive success or done by newbies who go rogue. But Oh Baby went to Bollywood and the reason is purely because of the reason that the concept is well received by the audience here. The movie reached almost 40 crores on gross which is an achievement for an actress oriented movie. The movie collected 2 crores in the last weekend even there are new movies which means that the audiences are still hooked to the movie. The lion share of this achievement goes to Samantha Akkineni.


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