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Rakul gives Kabir Singh example

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Rakul gives Kabir Singh example

Nagarjuna, Nagarjuna movies, samantha akkineni, chinmayee sripada, keerthi suresh, avanthika, rakul preet singh, manmadhudu 2, Nagarjuna in Manmadhdu 2, samantha akkineni in Manmadhdu 2, keerthi suresh in Manmadhdu 2, Manmadhdu 2 avanthika, rakul preet singh in Manmadhdu 2, adult scenes in Manmadhdu 2, rahul ravindran, raatnam, chinmayee, double standards, kabir singh, rakul about avanthika, rakul about kabir singhThe character Avanthika from the teaser of Manmadhudu created enough craze on the film at the same time created enough criticism too. Mostly the criticism is because of the wife of the director, Rahul Ravindran. To the recent statements Sandeep Vanga said about expressing love, Chinmayee reacted that kind of love was toxic. She also said that she had a problem with the movie Kabir Singh because of the bold scenes. But what her husband did falls under the same genre. He gave Manmadhudu 2 movie an adult touch which brought a huge criticism. Chinmayee promoted the movie and many trolled her for her double standards. Mentioning that issue, Rakul made a statement recently. “I smoked a cigarette in the movie because the character Avanthika has to smoke. It is not ideal to see a movie character and an actor/actress in the same way. For example Shahid is a vegetarian who never smokes or drinks but in the movie he appears as a drug addict. The characters we play are not us and it is irrational to compare both”, she clarified her part.


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