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Guna about Ismart Shankar

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Guna about Ismart Shankar

Karthikeya, Karthikeya movies, Karthikeya rx100, Karthikeya hippi, Karthikeya guna 36*, rx100, hippi, guna 369, actor Karthikeya, actor Karthikeya upcoming movies, actor Karthikeya about guna 369, guna 369 releasing tomorrow, guna 369 story, actor Karthikeya about ismart shankar, actor Karthikeya about ram and puri jagannadh, ismart shankar, ram pothineni, anagha, puri jagannadhGuna 369 movie is releasing tomorrow. Actor Karthikeya and actress Anagha are the main lead in the movie. The movie is directed by Arjun Jandhyala. Chaithan Bharadwaj is the music director to this movie. Chaithan and Karthikeya worked earlier in the movie RX100 which is a blockbuster and the music of the movie is well remembered. After RX100, Karthikeya’s movie Hippi came with a lot of expectations and bombed at the box office and also critically crushed. When questioned about the kind of movie Guna 369 is going to be and his take on the success and failure in an interview, Karhtikeya said, “Irrespective of the hit or flop, a movie can be viewed only as the way it is made. If the audiences are impressed by the movie, it will turn out a hit and if not, it will turn out a flop. So the result of the movie is dependent on the response it gets from the audience. So inherently the same movie has the possibility of being flop or hit before the screening began. Just because a movie is flop does not mean it is a bad movie. And just because an artist has a flop or a series or flops it does not mean that their time is over. Ram and Puri Jagannadh did not have any mentionable success for a period of time and once the movie Ismart Shankar turned out to be blockbuster, people are saying that they are back. I had just one flop. So chances of me bouncing back too are good.”


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