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Bala legal notices to Vikram

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Bala legal notices to Vikram

Bala, Vikram, Dhruv, Varma, VD, remake, tamil, telugu, tollywood, kollywood, raatnam, arjun reddy, arjun reddy tamil remake, arjun reddy bala remake, arjun reddy remake, aditya varrma, legal notices, dhruv movies, vikram son dhruv next film, latest tamil films, latest celebrity updatesThe super hit film of Tollywood, “Arjun Reddy” is remade into the Tamil language under the title “Varma”. The film directed by Bala has Dhruv (Chiyaan Vikram’s son) as the main lead. But later due to the conflicts and difference of opinions they had with the director, the producers decided to take away the footage Bala shot and make the film again. Kollywood rumors are that Vikram had a hand in this issue. Removing the whole cast, except for Dhruv, the whole film is being made under the direction of Girisayya. And the title of the film is changed to “Aditya Varma”. Recently Vikram received legal notices from director Bala asking that no shot taken by him should be used in the film, Aditya Varma. He said that he is only remaining silent because he has concern for the future of Dhruv and that is the only reason why he is not responding to the issue happened. He asked that this drama should be ended and not be raised again anything regarding this matter.


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