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Anchor Shyamala joined YSRCP,The Party Of Celebrities?

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Anchor Shyamala joined YSRCP,The Party Of Celebrities?

anchor shyamala and her husband

Anchor Shyamala joined YSRCP, The Party Of Celebrities?

YSRCP now has turned into Celebrities party, we have seen many celebrities joining YSRCP, be it Comedian Pruthvi, Sanjana, Jayasudha, Rajasekhar, Jeevitha Rajasekhar, and many others, and this morning its Anchor Shyamala and her husband. Well, Known Anchor Shyamala who also garnered attention through Bigg Boss has joined YSRCP party in the presence of YS Jagan this morning.

Anchor Shyamala along with her Husband Narasimha have joined the party, what made them to join YSRCP? well, we don’t know, and we doubt do they even know? maybe Anchor Shyamala might have thought that her ideology and thought process might match with YSRCP. Whatever YSRCP party is now more of celebrities than the actual leaders, celebrities sure attract the public, this might be one of the reasons for Jagan. Initially, everyone thought that that, Bigg Boss winner “Kaushal” would enter politics, and there were also rumors that Kaushal had met Chandrababu Naidu and soon going to join the TDP, for some unknown reasons that had not happened. After Sanjana (Bigg boss fame) it’s time for Anchor Shyamala to enter politics, however, Raatnam wishes her all the best.


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