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Adheera look from KGF

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Adheera look from KGF

KGF, KGF 2, KGF 2 movie, KGF 2 trailer, KGF 2 songs, KGF 2 first look, KGF 2 sanjay dutt, KGF 2 yash, KGF 2 poster, KGF 2 adheera poster, adheera from KGF 2, KGF 2 adheeraAfter Bahubali, KGF is the movie that made the whole North India look after the South Indian cinema. The movie was released in South Indian languages and in Hindi too and took record breaking collections. The ambiance of the coal mines and the extremities if the villainy and the heroism made the movie a commercial blockbuster. The expectations of the second part are too high that the waiting feels eternal. A recent look from the movie is released revealing Sanjay Dutt as Adheera. The movie KGF gives a glimpse of Adheera in the first part but does not reveal him anywhere. At the end of the movie, the narrator gives us a hint that the second part will be the conflict between Adheera and Rocky. Now that the character of Adheera is revealed the audience’s expectations raised a lot.


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