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30 Years for the one and only trendsetter

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30 Years for the one and only trendsetter


A Ram Gopal Varma Film.

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The movie stars Akkineni Nagarjuna, Amala, Raghuvaran, Tanikella Bharani and JD Chakravarthy in key roles. The movie is a sensation. There are many film analysts who spoke so high of the movie that they divided the Telugu film in two eras naming before Siva and after Siva. The movie is released today, thirty years ago. What is so special about this movie that made a mark on the Indian Cinema? After all, this is the debut movie for Ram Gopal Varma. This movie symbolizes the evolution of a new thought into the film industry. While all the movies that are released before Siva have a generic tone and either melodramatic or over the top joyful songs, Siva introduced the beauty of Silence to TFI. RGV established himself in such a way that even after 30 years, he is able to bag producers without any trouble irrespective of the countless flops he made that outnumber the limited hits he directed. But the point is the magnitude of the effect those hit movies left are humongous relative to the disasters he made and he will make. The dare to use a steady cam, the knowledge he earned reading the American Cinematography magazines, his eccentric taste in music created something that even he might not predicted that would be a trendsetter that will shake the industry. There are many movies RGV directed and he made films in all genres possible but Siva is different and indifferent at the same time.

May be the sound of cycle chain being pulled out with bare hand is his signature over Indian Cinema and it reads, SIVA.


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